Custom Brokerage

Custom Brokerage

In the global marketplace, rapidly changing demands of production and delivery schedules have placed increased responsibility on Customs Brokers to provide expert Customs Clearance Services. Regardless of the speed with which a consignment reaches the destination, complex procedures of Customs clearance could result in indefinite delays costing heavy storage charges to Exporters and Importers.

Ashwa Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. dedicates itself to constantly stay abreast of developments, trains its staff & provide its customers with accurate & up-to-date information on HS Classification, Duty structures, Notifications, Exemptions, Compliance Requirements and Procedures related to Export and Import Customs clearance.

Ashwa Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. has carefully nurtured and built an impeccable reputation of integrity in its dealing with its Clients, Customs and other Agencies and its Associates and was regarded as one of the best Customs Brokers with highly fascinative & professional team offer the quickest & most efficient clearance in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

Our Customs Brokerage Services include:-

  • Import / Export Clearances
  • Clearance under schemes like EPCG, DEEC, MEIS and SEIS
  • SEZ, EOU and STPI Clearances
  • Temperature Sensitive, Perishable and AOG Clearances
  • Charter Flight and Breakbulk Clearances
  • Temporary Import / Export Clearances
  • Re-Import / Re-Export Clearances
  • SVB Registration and Finalization
  • Project Registration and Reconciliation
  • Bonding and De-Bonding of Goods and Premises

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